Razorcake Podcast #592 with Johnny and Elwood

Come take a ride with the weirdest Dad you know. It’s the Johnny And Elwood Show.

Razorcake #70 from 2012, featuring Lenguas Largas

Razorcake #70

Lenguas Largas: Interview by Todd Taylor. “As long as my mom still loves me, and I get to smoke pot, I don’t give a fuck.” Isaac Reyes

Webcomic Sundays #326 by Karr Antunes

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Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Louis Jacinto Photo Column, Patti Smith

Patti Smith was still staying close and intimate with us. And her music continued to be punk and beyond. Easter, her third album, which was the work she was promoting, is still an untouchable piece of pure art.

Kathleen Hanna Podcast Interview by Ever Velasquez and Todd Taylor

This Kathleen Hanna interview, at its essence, is about the courage to restart several times—through darkness and light, through sickness and health—and continue creating truly meaningful work.

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Webcomic Wednesdays #325 by Marcos Siref

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Razorcake Podcast #591 with Yvonne Drazan | The Left Side of Latin: Club Rock En Español, 30th Anniversary

Latin music is not just about Salsa and Mariachi. There is incredible music created all over Latin America and Spain that is “left of center”, that I will introduce you to with each podcast… and I promise to throw in some punk here and there too!

Razorcake 107: Despise You, Club Scum, La Tuya, West Oakland Punks With Lunch, Patrick Cowley

Razorcake 107

“You’re not getting money out of it. You’re not getting nothing out of it. But you’re getting something out of it and that is you’re a part of something special that’s happening” –Chris Elder, Despise You interview

Webcomic Sundays #324 by Mikie Manzer

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